Who We Are

Valerio Aliprandi and his Company

Attention to Detail
Materials Research and Exclusivity

Love for beauty, creative skills, attention to detail and passion for wood in its manifold variations, have led three generations, since 1950, from Francesco the grandfather to Valentino the father, to Valerio the grandson, to create more and more refined and elegant furnishings able to fulfill individual desires or special business needs. Starting from the wooden miniatures created with the grandfather for fun, the use of selected woods such as ebony, rosewood and walnut, the addition of precious metals like bronze and silver, valued fabrics like silk and cashmere, corals and refined stones have allowed Valerio Aliprandi and his company, to create unique and luxury furnishings for residences and commercial activities at both national and international level, with special regard to the Russian market.

Crafted Luxury for your Home

Rely on us to furnish your home

Endless solutions tailored upon your needs.

Wide selection of choices for an outstanding achievement.


Crafted Luxury for Businesses

We Produce customized furniture for your Business

We design boutiques and business enterprises with a refined taste,

high quality and unique design.


How We Work

Passion for what we do, the Quality of the materials used and the Excellence we want to instill through our work allow us to assist our customers in many different ways.

Exclusive Products
Uniqueness of the Creations.

Our work method and our ideas make sure that the pieces of furniture created in our workshop will represent you and your personality.

Active Advice
The exchange of Ideas

The close partnership with architects and professionals allow us to have a constant exchange of ideas. For those designers we create prototypes able to show the end product in order to anticipate or solve right away any possible flaw.

Processing of the Product

Detail is the key factor of our prestigious creations, the engineering is developed with great care enhancing all the features.

Innovative Materials Research
Material as a Key Factor

In addition to selected woods, we can provide innovative materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. We match different sophisticated materials such as mosaics, valuable leathers, precious metals and refined glasses in order to get an excellent balance with the shapes of our creations.

After-Sales Service
We are by your side before, during and after your purchase

To fully satisfy your needs we remain with you after the sale ready to answer your requests.

Problem Solving and Attention to Detail
Constant attention to Detail

Attention to detail is the result of our passion and experience. We face possible critical issues with a professional attitude always fulfilling the customer’s needs.